Repurpose A Dresser Into A Fabulous Entryway Bench!

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old dressers. The smart home ideas part is debatable in my home still, but creative? CHECK! So I wanted to show you guys my latest Frankenstein of a dresser, now I thought that it could work to fit a chair in it somehow and after some quick calculations and demolition work, this could be something great. Okay so it might not be Potomac furniture ready for some people, I really didn’t care as you can see I went forth with all drills and hammers blazing! The first thing I did was make sure that the dresser was broad enough to work as both a bench and a storage receptacle, and bringing my home decor visions to life. Who doesn’t love a conversation piece hmm? Even though no one has ever heard of a bench dresser, I wanted to be the first to at least attempt one and do it successfully, so here goes!

I settled on a deal from Macy’s discount furniture section that gave me this six drawer dresser that was so damaged it was almost free. Then I got my sister’s brother in law to help me out with the dismantling and whatnot. Well, the “whatnots” were not precisely unimportant, so he did a lot under my keen observation and instruction (smiles). After we took the top off, the bench space had to be carved out from the areas made by two of the drawers. Next, the backing that was initially on the dresser had to be replaced by something more sturdy, because who wants to fall through the back of the chest right? So let’s get my reading nook furniture right! After we secured a better backing and covered up the bare frame, the airgun was used to add some more support after the glue dried. Next, we did the same for the seating and added trim to finish off the look. Finally, we stained the new top and seat then painted the rest of the dresser a glossy white. For storage I still had a good bit, just going down from six drawers to four. It turned out to be a good “invention,” and you can check out how I got the whole thing done and try it yourself!


15. New home ideas for a dresser that was too damaged to be useful.

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New home ideas were conjured up for this furniture item. The entire dresser will go under a transformation that includes a bench AND storage unit.

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