How To Build Your Own Pallet End Table With Freezer Paper Graphic Transfer

Springtime is the best time for me to be outdoors in my garden. In another post, I will tell you

how to start a small garden just for you, but for today we will be building some end tables for our garden space, that would allow some decorative elements besides the flower beds. Now I am fully aware that home decor for gardens mostly involves plants and pots, but I want to turn things up a bit and go for some furniture to make the space more habitable for the humans in my home (house and garden furniture). I got some pieces of wood organized for this DIY, and I did it with no help from anyone. It took me about two hours to get one table built and another hour to stain and paint. Let me walk you through my process and inspire you guys to put some love into your gardens!

Gather the wood that you will be using; it can come from anywhere, don’t worry about them being different colors. Cut them down to the sizes you would like for the end table/s. When you have made your desired measurements and cuts, organize the pieces that would be the box frame. This box frame will house the four legs, meaning you will screw the legs in using your power tool on the inside of the frame. With that done move on and start laying out your pieces of wood that would be the top of the end table, I used glue and screws to keep everything together and fused to the box frame. Next, it’s time to sand the wood down and prep it for staining and painting. If you stain the top and add color to the legs, it makes the furniture stand out you know? Look at mine, the dark stained wood on top, and I used a blue for the base, just gorgeous!


20. We have secured out pieces of wood for the end table garden project!

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New home ideas for furniture like this end table doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. I used scraps of wood for this project.

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