She Pours Vinegar In The Kitchen Sink: What Happens Next Is Brilliant! (video)

Vinegar and water have to be one of the most versatile cleaning life hack ever invented! I use a

lot of DIY home hacks, and by far this is my go-to for cleaning and sanitizing. It eliminated my need for those other harsher chemical cleaners and made organizing under my sink effortless, not to mention it made saving these coins more accessible for the household shopping budget(money saving hacks).

So what kind of vinegar should you buy?

Well, there are several kinds – Apple cider vinegar is milder than the white distilled vinegar and is hugely concentrated hence the equal parts water to equal parts vinegar or one part water to 3 parts vinegar relevant to the chore, for example, this mix would suit washing vegetables to help remove pesticides. Now this combination can unclog a sink (how to unclog a kitchen drain) or eliminate odors that emanate from the garbage bins (Y’all know what I am talking about). It all depends on what use you need it for; it’s adaptable. However, I should mention that to date the solution has not been approved (or disproved) as something that can thoroughly sanitize for e.coli or salmonella so always go the extra mile if you have any doubts. I have a kitchen that is in constant need of sanitizing, so I am still very cognizant of what I need to do for my family and peace of mind about keeping things tidy and healthy.

What can vinegar do as a cleaning ingredient?

Where do I start? As I mentioned before in this article, it can help unclog drains (kitchen sink plumbing). You can pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain and follow with a cup of vinegar. The foaming will start to break down the debris in the drain, then you follow with hot water and set things right again with those pipes. Getting glue off of your precious walls or tables, merely spray with vinegar and water, let it sit for a few and wipe vigorously away (vinegar is acidic, and that breaks down the icky sticky with ease). I also use this cleaning solution for my pots and pans that have that burnt crud on it, just put it on the stove and boil equal parts of water and vinegar for a few minutes and rinse clean. Soften up those towels in the wash with about a cup of vinegar (no soap), and you will be amazed at the softness. Vinegar and water sprayed on your furniture can be used to keep your pets off of your furniture as well my friends (my cats HATE the smell of it), and there are so many more uses.

What can vinegar and water not clean?

Holy hell the waxed wooden floors! I made the mistake of doing this, and there were streaks everywhere, colossal mistake! Do not at anytime apply vinegar to your marble top counters either they can cause scratches on the surface. Last but not least to my budding chemists, do not at any time mix vinegar and bleach together. Three words TOXIC CHLORINE GAS. The vapors created by mixing any weak acids to bleach is hazardous, so avoid at all costs because you could find yourself in the emergency room.


15. kitchen drain blocked, no problem!

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kitchen drain blocked, and it is looking bad. Don’t worry I will tell you how to correct this common household mishap.

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