Over 40 Of The Best Garden Decore Ideas

Colors have always been my best friends. Everything colorful would always attract me. I was lucky enough

that my parents were able to spot my love for colors and at they encouraged me in every possible way. I attended several summer camps as a child where I learned painting. It really helped me to grow as a person and learn the basics of painting. All these summer camps resulted in me working on some creative home ideas and practicing my skills at home. I would paint small wall hangings and greeting cards for my family. This is how my love for colors turned into love for paintings.

When it was time to choose my subjects for high school, naturally I went for the arts. This was best decision of my life because it helped me choose the career path for me. After doing my graduation I was already pretty good at my work. I was immediately hired by a very well known company for my work. However, one thing that I did was to continue to do work on crafty home ideas as a freelancer. I would take small projects every now and then to make sure that I was doing something out of my job. This was an opportunity for me to explore the other side of my work. Throughout my career, I have done plenty of cool home ideas for people that revolved around painting. I wouldn’t do traditional wall paintings instead I would take an ordinary thing and paint it into something extra ordinary.

Some of my best projects that involve new home decor trends are about painting the rocks. Sounds odd, right? Why would someone want to paint a rock? What good a painted rock can look? Well, you will be blown away how by using paints you can turn an ordinary rock into something amazing. I used several simple home decoration tips to turn an ordinary rock into a piece of art. I have worked with plenty of clients that involved painting the rock. Some of my clients would initially hesitate but eventually they will surrender to my ideas and the final results will leave them shocked in a good way. Today I will share with you some of my best work when it comes to painting the rocks. Some of them are the creative home ideas projects that I covered while working on the decorating home ideas on a low budget.


20. Décor for children’s room | decorating home ideas on a low budget:

If you want to decorate your children’s room but are on tight budget then you can take small rocks and paint them into snickers. You choose the colors of your choice.