She Flips An Old End Table – And Turns It Into Something Everyone Will Want To Have

Who here loves to have a pet? Well I know you all do and if you

don’t then you need to straight up your life . Having a pet at house is the best thing ever, especially if you live alone. Pets are the best companion to live with. They never argue with you, take no space and love you unconditionally for who you are. Imagine coming back home to a ball of fur waiting for you right at the door. That kisses and hugs by your pet makes up for all the hectic moments that you have had at the work.

That being said, having a pet at your house is also a huge responsibility. You cannot adopt a pet, bring it home and then forget about it. No matter what you have as a pet, you will have to take care of it. The responsibility was the reason when my mother gave me my first dog, I kind of freaked out. I thought that I am unable to take care of my house and myself, how on earth I am going to take care of a dog, especially when I have to leave for work every day. Well my mother was not taking no as an answer and left the dog at my apartment. It took me less than 24 hours to fall in love with my dog and since then there is no looking back. Yes, it was a long road when it comes to learning about how to keep a pet and how to train a dog but this entire journey was full of love.

There were several smart home ideas that I had to learn from internet. I searched for different creative home ideas to make my apartment pet friendly. I wanted him to feel like home which is why there were few renovation home ideas that also went around. With every passing day my bonding with my dog is increasing and every day I want to work on some new diy home ideas for him. The last crafty home ideas that I did for my dog, was to make a pet bed. Yes, I made a bed for my dog. Isn’t it like awesome home ideas? Yes! Does it sound crazy? Maybe, but I will never know. I had so much fun making a comfortable bed for my dog. The best thing about this diy home ideas project was that it was extremely cost friendly. When I started working on these cool home ideas, I didn’t expect it to be this cheap and yet perfect.

Following is the list of things that I used to make these diy home ideas of making pet bed for my dog.


15. Here is the before | awesome home ideas:

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So this is how these awesome home ideas of making a pet bed hit my mind. I had this old table lying around and decided to put it too good use for my dog. This is how initially looked like.

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