Woman Finds $5 Garage Sale Dresser And Gives It A Stunning 1960s Makeover. But How?

I Absolutely Love When A Diy Project Takes Someone Else’s Trash And Turns It Into A Beautiful New

Treasure. The house you live in is your safe haven. It is one place where you feel happy, secure and most importantly yourself. A house is not just walls of bricks but a place where you choose to live with your loved ones and build your life with them. This is the reason that everyone who owns a house loves to pay attention to each and every small detail that comes with it. Bringing a change in the appearance of the house is one of the common things that almost everyone loves to do. People love to change something in their house whenever they are happy, before any big event or sometimes for absolutely no reason. Thinking about bringing some sort of change in your house, you might be confused with all the money that you will have to spend. What if we told you that adding something new to your house is not always going to cost you a huge deal of money. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, while thinking about adding something new to your house, look around for something that do not excites you anymore and you want to get rid of. Now instead of actually getting rid of that unwanted thing, think of different ways to transform it into something completely new.

• drill with different bits
• jigsaw
• level
• palm sander
• tape measure
• wet saw
• screwdriver
• hammer

• drop-in sink
• dresser
• tile
• paint
• faucet
• shellac
• wood glue
• clear adhesive
• sandpaper
• L-brackets

The first thing that everyone needs to do is find the right spot where they will be placing their bathroom vanity. It is not wise to go in blind while starting any DIY affordable bathroom remodel. This is the reason you should find a spot before starting anything. Once you know the exact spot where you will place your bathroom vanity, start with cleaning your dresser. Make sure you have cleaned it inside out before starting any sort of work on it. Remove everything from your dresser including the drawers and start with sanding all the wood.

If you are one of those people who have an extra dresser in their house then now is the time to transform it. Combine the idea of transforming your dresser with bathroom renovation designs and there you have something to do. Yes, you can start a DIY of transforming your dresser into some bathroom renovation designs. Designing a bathroom remodel is an idea that might sound intimidating to a lot of people. Availing bathroom remodeling services is not everyone’s cup of tea which is the reason people find designing a bathroom remodel to be intimidating. However, if you spare little bit time from your hectic routine then you might be able pull off a successful DIY project.

Transforming your old dresser and making it a part of redoing my bathroom project will be one of the best things to do. A new bathroom vanity can cost you handful of money, however, transforming your dresser into bathroom vanity will help you save all the money. The entire procedure of this redoing my bathroom project and changing your dresser into bathroom vanity might sound to be time taking but the end result is going to be completely worth your effort.


10. Tools and Material required for your bathroom renovation designs project:

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There are few tools and materials that you will need for your designing a bathroom remodel project.

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