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Finally, I Can Invite People Over. We have all sorts of reasons why we would want our whole home

air conditioner to get hidden. It could be because they’re already looking old and ugly as you just bought it from a cheap home air conditioners store.

It could be because it easily gets dirty and you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning air conditioner to make it look pleasant all the time. You just don’t want to keep on hiring an air conditioner cleaning service provider.

Or it could practically be because summer’s over, and it’s time for the heater to take the stage. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure: it’s always a worthwhile shot to set up your little project of getting your home central air conditioner concealed.

For those who live in a dominantly hot climate, your whole home air conditioner might just be your most favorite home appliance, but if it lies outdoors and you’re up for a backyard summer barbecue, it could just crash the party or get in the way.

That is why covering it up can really go a long way. Also, if it’s outdoors and it’s getting a lot of sun exposure, that could mean trouble for your whole home air conditioner. You don’t want it to get damaged and pour your investment down the drain.

This is another reason to cover it up. Or if you have your whole home air conditioner indoors and in your eyes it looks like a bulky piece of machinery that gives you an eyesore, taking some of the tips we have here can definitely save the day.

Before getting down to the job of concealing your whole home air conditioner, you first have to consider some essential things. Bear in mind that a whole-home air conditioner needs a breathing space. Also, when adding any kind of obstruction around your whole home air conditioner, it pays to check the recommended distances set by the manufacturer should you set up any type of enclosure.

You can fence it in, build a dedicated structure, redesign your space, add structural vegetation screens, or pull off any stunt that serves as some sort of distraction. Or you can follow some of the ideas hereto laid out to cover your whole home air conditioner the best way possible. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can just rely on your creativity and pull off the kind of ideas you deem best.

20Going for the cloth magic

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Now the exact type of cloth you’d use to mask your whole home air conditioner depends on your personal style, or you can match it with the existing theme of the room it’s in.